Monday, September 29, 2008

Melting Moments

Back home I used to make these great cookies called 'Melting Moments'. I am not entirely sure of their origins, but they are very popular in Australia. They are essentially- a flavored butter filling sandwiched between two shortbread cookies. The cookies are very light in color and have a fork indentation on top (kind of like American Peanut Butter Cookies). They are traditionally flavored with lemon or passion fruit. As I had some passion fruit puree at home- I decided to make a batch.

The shortbread is sooooooo easy- a monkey can do it- but alas- the recipe I had was BASIC- and I should have had the warewithall to add Vanilla or Lemon- but I didn't, so I was left with an okay cookie- just not excellent.

The passion fruit filling is great, but as the puree gives the filling so much liquid, you cannot add too much. This is where I think Lemon is the better choice. Zest in the cookies and in the filling would enhance the flavor without making it bland or runny.

Another change for next time would be to make my cookies a little thinner- they are so tender that the two cookies together is harder to eat and thus I end up making a big mess!

Overall though, this cookie is GREAT and reminds me of home- which is more than I can ask for!

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