Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mario Batali's Gnocchi

I must admit, I love anything from Mario. When I was working in professional kitchens, the one place I really wanted to apprentice was Babbo in New York. Is had not come to fruition, but maybe one day!!! I simply adore his approach to cooking, and if you have never had the opportunity to eat in one of his restaurants, just watch 'Molto Mario' on the Fine living channel to become addicted to italian philosophy. I am half Italian myself. My fathers family is from Calabria, and I grew up with the most amazing italian food courtesy of my Grandmother (she and my Nonno are in my profile picture!).

So I have been dreaming of perfect gnocchi, and Mario is my go to guy, so I opened my Babbo Cookbook and got started. I decided to pair it with a classic basil pesto and some crusted pork milanese.

Well, a few things here... Mario says that the gnocchi will take as much flour as it can, meaning, it will stop absorbing it when it has had enough. If it it humid (which it is), it will take more flour than when on a dry day. The idea is that the more you make it, the more you know what it is supposed to feel like, and you can live without the recipe. As it was my first time, I worked it the best I could, but it did seem to take more flour than was called for in the recipe. But they worked out beautifully!!! Perhaps a little soft, but they didn't fall apart, and in the fragrant basil pesto, they were delish!!!!!!! I will surely be making this again, and can't wait to use up the rest of the dough today for round two!

p.s- the cheesecake is better the next day, as it gets moister, but still not my fave.

The Basil Pesto

The Gnocchi before being cooked

The finished product- Crusted Pork Milanese, Potato Gnocchi in Basil Pesto

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